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Pink Chair

Klamath River in Del Norte County | By Clinton Steeds, Flickr

Our Mission

We believe…


that wilderness and the beauty of life on this planet in all its interconnected diversity are essential for the continued existence of the human race and all other species that all species are deserving of respect and preservation; and that the Smith river, the Lake Earl Coastal Lagoon, our Ancient Forests, and Wild Coast are still some of the most pristine and superlative examples of wild lands left on earth.


We also believe…


that without deliberate attention and care these great natural treasures will be compromised or degraded over time.




We who share these values have come together to provide a voice for these unique Wildlands, Waters, and Wildlife.


The Friends of Del Norte


vow to strive earnestly to preserve and protect them so that they will not perish during our watch and that future generations will share in the richness of this most beautiful of Nature’s bounty.

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